Ourika Valley

The Ourika Valley is a stunning tourist destination. Fruit and nut trees flourish in abundance in this region, which was carved out over millennia by rain cascading down from the High Atlas mountains. Mountains rise above the valley, and historic communities may be seen perched on their hillsides. Being so close to Marrakech, it's a popular destination for day trips, and several local tour operators provide excursions and guided tours of the valley. A common form of this is a hiking trip to see some of its most stunning views. Excursions to Amazigh villages, where traditional crafts and activities are still practiced, are a wonderful way to get a sense of Morocco's true culture. Many tours provide this opportunity. Many tourists flock to Setti Fatma because of its proximity to seven waterfalls plummeting from rocky outcrops above. If you're sweltering in the Moroccan sun, the spray in the bottom of the bottle is a welcome relief.
Ourika Valley
Languages Spoken
Arabic, Tamazight
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Ourika Valley Day Trip From Marrakech

Ourika Valley Day Trip From Marrakech

Ourika Valley, Marrakech, Morocco
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