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Things Maroc Tourist Should Never Do

Any maroc tourist visiting Morocco will find that the country's wide range of attractions and activities can satisfy their individual tastes. Even though Morocco is a popular tourist destination, there are some things that no visitor should ever do there, regardless of their budget or hobbies.

Maroc Tourist : Disrespect Islam

Islam is the official religion of Morocco, and more than 90% of the population considers itself to be Muslim. While many locals practice Sunni Islam, a sizable minority adhere to Sufi tenets. Even though Morocco is one of the more tolerant Islamic countries, visitors should nevertheless avoid doing anything that can anger residents. Inquiring about Islam with the intent of learning more is great, but avoid provoking debate by voicing personal beliefs. Dress respectfully and avoid visiting mosques or other religious sites where entry is restricted to Muslims.

Maroc Tourist :Disrespect the monarchy

To insult, criticize, or speak ill of the King of Morocco is a crime under Moroccan law known as lèse-majesté. A few careless words may cause offense, but going too far might result in a three-year prison sentence. Defacing the king's likeness is a serious offense. To have a trouble-free travel to Morocco, please observe these laws.

Limit your stay to Marrakech

A lot of people who visit Morocco choose to go on vacation to Marrakech. It's tempting to believe that this city, with its bustling souks, ancient landmarks, abundance of art galleries, magnificent gardens, and modern Gueliz neighborhood boasting high-end clubs, boutiques, and restaurants, represents the best of Morocco. But this incredibly varied country isn't only about its flashy capital. There are beautiful beaches, towering Atlas mountains, and quaint little towns just waiting to be explored. Even if you are short on time, you should plan to visit Essaouira, Ouarzazate, the Ouzoud Waterfalls, and the Ourika Valley.

Maroc Tourist : Think fez hats come from the city of Fez

Often misspelled as "Fes," the Moroccan city of Fez is an imperial metropolis dating back to the country's earliest period. It has one of the world's oldest colleges and is also famous for its leather tanneries and lively souks. It has several attractions, making it a favorite among vacationers. However, fez hats will be hard to come by. The origin of the red, circular hats with a black tassel on top is unknown. Greece, Turkey, and the Balkans are all possible candidates for the origins, but the actual locations are unknown. We can rule out Fez as the place of origin of the hats. Indeed, the hat is known as a tarboosh in Morocco, despite the fact that this word has nothing to do with the city.

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