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Agadir Tourism – Things to Do in Agadir, Morocco

If you want to know more about Agadir tourism, you’ve come to the right place. Agadir is a seaside resort city on the southern Atlantic coast of Morocco, located at the foothills of the Anti-Atlas Mountains. The city is well-known for its golf courses, seaside promenade, and wide crescent beach. Its kasbah was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1960, but the wall that once surrounded it still stands.

Agadir Tourism : Medina d’Agadir

Agadir’s Medina d’Agader was once a bustling port. Its original medina was destroyed in an earthquake, but a recreation was built in 1992. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is now a thriving tourist destination. Known for its bustling bazaars and quaint shops, Medina d’Agadir is one of the most visited cities in Morocco.

Entonces Taghazout beach

Located just north of Agadir, the picturesque town of Taghazout is a popular spot for surfers. This beach is less than four miles long, lined with hotels, restaurants, surf shops, and yoga retreats. The area has a long history of attracting surfers, but the water quality in recent years has improved. Surfers should bring their boards, as it’s a perfect spot for the sport.

La Grande Roue d’Agadir hotel

If you’re thinking about a stay at the La Grande Roue d’Agdal hotel, consider this short guide to the city. Agadir is a port city on the Atlantic coast of Morocco and temperatures can reach twenty degrees in January. Its long beach and promenade are both great locations for lounging by the water. You can also visit its many spas. In the 1960s, an earthquake devastated the city, but the city quickly recovered and is now the country’s leading tourist destination.

Agadir Tourism : Nile crocodile zoo

A trip to the Nile crocodile zOO in Agadir, Morocco, is a great way to learn about this animal. The Crocoparc Agadir crocodile park is located in the Drarga community on the outskirts of Agadir, just off National Route 8. The Crocoparc’s mission is to educate visitors about crocodiles, and it offers educational workshops and access to the zoo’s farm and laboratory.

Museum of Amazigh culture

The Berber Heritage Museum is a must-visit museum in Agadir. On display are carpets, pottery, and jewelry. You can also learn about the rich history of the Berber people from the exhibits at the museum. Visitors will learn more about the Berber people’s culture by observing the traditional crafts. The museum also features the museum’s collections of Berber art, including the traditional way of weaving.

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