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Fez city : places to visit

The northeastern Fez city is renowned as Morocco’s cultural capital. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to medieval Marinid architecture and a colorful souk. Its ancient charm is evoked by the city’s religious buildings, such as the mosques and ornate tile-work-covered churches. For a cultural experience, visitors can tour the Jewish Quarter or experience a day trip from Fez.

Tanning hides

Discover how leather is made at tanneries in Fez city, Morocco. The ancient tanneries are still almost unchanged from the 12th century. They take raw hides through the tanning process in earthenware vats, and produce a massive amount of leather for Fez and Moroccan export. This ancient process influences every aspect of life in Fez city. Visitors can see how raw hides are skinned, and learn how the leather is dyed and processed.

Jewish Quarter

A visit to the Jewish Quarter of Fez city will give you a unique perspective on Moroccan culture. Its walls are crimson and it smells strongly of mint and smoke. You can walk around the ancient synagogue and see the remnants of a once thriving Jewish community. The mellah is also home to many stores and galleries selling everything from fine silver and amber to African textiles and natural perfumes.

Fez city: places to visitUNESCO World Heritage Site

A UNESCO World Heritage Site in Fez is the Medina of Fez city. Founded during the first centuries of the Islamicization of Morocco, it is an outstanding example of medieval town planning and represents the traditional occupation of the land. The ancient fragmented district contains monuments of civil, religious and military character. They also reflect the interactions of different strata of the population. These interactions resulted in the wide range of architectural forms and urban landscapes that characterize the Medina.

Day trip from Fez

If you have time to spare, a day trip from Fez is well worth it. In addition to the city’s ancient architecture, Fez is also home to a number of other fascinating places. The most popular of these is Volubilis. This small ancient town is best visited in the morning, before the afternoon sun gets too hot. The site includes a hammam, a forum, residential districts, and a triumphal arch. Taking a leisurely walk around the city’s old quarter is a perfect way to spend a day in this beautiful town.

Fez city: places to visitRestaurants

For a romantic meal, try Eden at Palais Amani, a restaurant inside a five-star riad in the center of the city. The restaurant is known for its Andalusian style architecture and romantic atmosphere. There are both indoor and outdoor seating options at this restaurant, and Moroccan cuisine is served using seasonal ingredients. Guests can also enjoy a variety of Moroccan-inspired drinks and desserts. There is also a cinema and a large terrace with views of the city.


If you are in the mood to buy some local products, then shopping in Fez city will be a wonderful experience. The city is known for its handcrafted products such as silk products and gold thread embroidery, and there are numerous stores lining the center of the city. In addition to traditional sewing, there are several ready-to-wear brands available here. The city is also home to many shopping centers and large distribution surfaces. Here, you can buy a range of souvenirs that will make your trip to Fez one to remember.

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