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Getting From Marrakech Airport to the City

Discover the best ways of getting from Marrakech airport to the city with our comprehensive guide. From taxis to public transport, we’ll help you navigate your options for a hassle-free journey. Plan your trip today! Marrakech Menara Airport is the international airport serving the capital city of Marrakesh and the surrounding Marrakesh-Safi region of Morocco. Several European flights land here as well as flights from Casablanca and some Arab countries. For your airport transfer to city center, you’ll find numerous options, including private transfers, shared transfers, shared taxis, and bus services.

Bus service

There is a convenient bus service that goes directly from Marrakech airport to the city. The Marrakech airport is less than a quarter-mile away and can be reached via the number 19 bus. The ride costs around three euros per person and passes several tourist attractions in the city.


While the public transportation is generally excellent, Marrakech is an exception. While you can find buses and other forms of public transportation, they can be crowded. Taking a taxi is a good option because you can get one just about anywhere. Before hailing a taxi in Marrakech, it’s helpful to learn the local terms. There are grand taxis and petit taxis. These types of cabs differ in size and price.

Marrakech Airport: Shared transfer

The cheapest way to reach the city center from Marrakech airport is by taking the public bus. This bus stops at key points such as Menara Gardens and Jamaa el-Fna square. However, if you’re on a tight budget, then you might want to consider taking a shuttle. These buses have frequent stops and cost as little as 1 dollar.

Marrakech luxury airport transfer

If you’re looking for a more luxurious and personalized option for getting from Marrakech airport to the city, consider booking a private transfer with We offer a premium airport transfer service with top-of-the-line Mercedes V Class vehicles and professional private drivers who will ensure a comfortable and stress-free journey. With a private transfer, you can avoid the crowds and delays of public transportation and arrive at your destination in style. Plus, offers a variety of customizable options to fit your specific needs and preferences. The price for the private transfer service with is around 60 EUR, which is a reasonable cost considering the premium service we provide. Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group, our private Marrakech airport transfer service is an excellent choice for a hassle-free and comfortable arrival in Marrakech.

Moroccan pastry shop

A Moroccan twist is what defines this patisserie at Marrakech airport. The glass counter is topped with delicious pastries, which are served alongside mint teas. A visit to this shop is a must for any traveler to Marrakech. It serves pastries and coffees in a variety of different flavors, as well as pastries with a Moroccan flair. The staff is friendly and helpful, and they are more than happy to help you with any requests.

Marrakech Airport: Terminal extension

The new terminal at Marrakech airport will double its current size. It was commissioned as a temporary solution until the construction of Terminal 3 could be completed. This new terminal will increase the airport’s workforce and respond to burgeoning tourist activity. The extension features a unique architectural image. This new terminal will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology and will meet international standards. Unlike the current terminal, it will be completely connected to the city’s rail network and other public services.

Exchanging money

Getting money from a foreign currency is easier than you might think at the Marrakech airport. There are several money exchange offices inside the arrival area, but the rates are not brilliant. For a better exchange rate, head to Wafacash, which offers money transfers and a competitive exchange rate. Getting money from a foreign currency is easy, and the airport has ATMs, too.