Imsouane surfing

Imsouane surfing, Morocco

If you’ve ever thought about trying surfing in the semi-arid climate of Morocco, you should consider Imsouane surfing, a fishing village just south of Essaouira. With two different surfing spots, this village is ideal for all levels, from beginners to intermediate surfers. In this article, you’ll learn all you need to know to get started surfing in Imsouane. Plus, you’ll get insider tips from a local surfer to help you pick the best spots.

Imsouane is a remote fishing village

If you are looking for a peaceful place to visit while on vacation in Morocco, you may want to visit Imsouane. This fishing village lies on the Atlantic coast halfway between Essaouira and Agadir, and it’s undiscovered by most tourists. Despite its proximity to both coastal towns, Imsouane has managed to stay undiscovered for years. Before the arrival of surfers, the town relied on farming and fishing for its livelihood. The surf bohemians soon discovered Imsouane’s pristine beaches, and Forbes magazine named it one of the world’s best 27.

Imsouane surfing ,semi-arid climate

The coastal region of northern Morocco offers good conditions for surfing. The town of Imsouane is a popular surfing destination, with two prime surf spots, Cathedral and The Bay. The nearby Tamri is a quieter option, with calm waves and fewer people in the water. Essaouira, a seaside town and UNESCO World Heritage site since 2001, is a popular destination for kitesurfers and is a perfect place for beginners and intermediate surfers.

Imsouane surfing : two surf spots

There are two surf spots in Imsouane, Cathedral Point and The Bay. Cathedral Point has hollow barrels that reach up to 20 feet. The Bay is a great place for beginners and features a good left. The Bay is also known for its fun waves, which peel and roll across the sand. Both spots offer accommodation for surfers and are accessible on low or medium tides. If you’re looking for a long surf, The Bay is perfect.

It is ideal for beginners

The waves at Imsouane are not big and can handle medium to large swells. Beginners can practice their wave riding skills here and learn how to catch their first green wave. The beach is located on the mouth of the Oued river, which carries rainwater from the mountains to the sea. Beginners will find it easy to catch waves here as it is very shallow and offers several well-defined peaks.

It is the longest wave in Africa

While you’re in Imsouane, you might not know that you can catch the longest waves in Africa. The town’s point break is an ideal right-hand wave that starts near the harbor and sweeps along the bay. It’s long enough to get off the board without damaging your board, making it the perfect place to learn how to surf. In addition, the waves are a lot more forgiving here than on the other side of town.

It is easy to surf

The Bay of Imsouane is known for its amazing surfing breaks. On the best days of the year, you can catch waves up to 700m high! They take only one minute and thirty seconds to reach! After surfing these waves, your legs will be burned! This surf destination is an ideal destination for both beginner and experienced surfers. Here, you can find the perfect waves for all levels. To make the most of your surf trip, visit Imsouane!