morocco is in which continent

Morocco is in Which Continent?

When it comes to geography, Morocco is located in which continent? It is in the Arab world, but you might not know this fact. But you can learn about it in this article. Here you’ll learn about North Africa, Spain, Algeria, and more. The answer to this question will surprise you! And you might also learn more about Morocco’s history. This article will help you identify its main landmarks and find out more about the country’s culture and history.

North Africa

Morocco is a unique nation in both geography and climate. Its land mass varies greatly, ranging from hilly terrain to the Atlantic Ocean. Morocco’s coastline is along the Mediterranean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean. It is one of three nations in the world with both ocean and Mediterranean coastlines, along with France and Spain. The Atlas Mountains stretch across the western and southern regions of the country, and are divided into three sub-ranges: the Anti-Atlas, the High Atlas, and the Middle and Southern Plateaus.

Arab world

What continent is Morocco? The country is located in North Africa, but is part of the Arab world. Historically, the Berbers lived in the area. However, they later changed their name to the Berbers of today. The Berbers were originally nomadic peoples, but have since been influenced by a variety of cultures. Morocco is the only nation in North Africa to have recognizes Amazigh language, which is Berber.


When you think about Africa, what comes to mind? Surely Africa! But what is Morocco’s geography? Located in northern Africa, this country is a cultural melting pot with indigenous Berber influences. As a result, its coastline is very varied – it has open Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines. Which continent is Morocco located? And how is it different from other countries in the region? Read on to find out! Also, consider the history of this country.

Alboran Sea

The Alboran Sea is a cross-border nature reserve, and the international project POCTEFEX-ALBORAN aims to develop an integrated management model for the marine region. The project will also promote sustainable management of the marine environment, while creating a unified set of policies and regulations. The Alboran Sea is home to an abundance of protected and vulnerable species. It is an area of great importance for both human and environmental health.

Spanish coasts

In which continent is Morocco located? Morocco is located in the northwest corner of Africa, near the edge of continental Europe. Its coastlines are on the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It shares borders with the nations of Algeria, and Mauritania. It is a constitutional monarchy with a king who has extensive executive powers. The government has legislative and judicial powers, and the two chambers of parliament are called the Assembly of Representatives and the Councillors. The climate of Morocco is predominantly Mediterranean.