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Morocco Private Tours

If you want a personalized tour to learn about the history and culture of Morocco, consider choosing one of the many Morocco private tours offered by bucketlist. The tour company offers customized tours to explore the city and surrounding areas. You can explore the ancient city square, home to acrobats and snake charmers, and explore hammams, some of which date back to the 17th century. Private Morocco tours may also include hiking to remote Berber villages and a visit to the Atlas Mountains.

Blue Men of Morocco

When not in the Sahara Desert, Elena and Hmad take you on one of their private tours of the Blue Men of Morocco. This family business has roots in the southern part of Morocco. They travel to the imperial cities of Fez and Marrakech, the fortified towns of Casablanca and Meknes, and small mountain villages along the KASHAH routes. When not on safari, Elena and Hmad also work to support their families by returning part of the profits to the hotel.

Compass Odyssey

There are a number of great things about Compass Odyssey private tours in Morocco. The company is run by Kate and Darren Humphrys, former Australians who now live in South Africa. The Humphrys have three children and have been taking people to the beautiful country for more than a decade. Their tours are small but perfectly tailored to their clients’ needs. In addition to private tours, the company provides multi-media travel content to a global audience.

Travel Exploration

If you are looking for a unique, personalized travel experience, consider a Morocco private tour with Travel Exploration. Our expert staff and local knowledge will help you create the perfect trip to Morocco. In addition to putting you in the most comfortable accommodations, Travel Exploration also provides top-notch historical guides and concierge services. We also have the expertise to help you arrange a special event, such as an evening of flamenco dancing.


The Moroccan city of Fez is the perfect spot for a private tour of the country’s ancient kasbahs, UNESCO Heritage Sites, and local artisans. You can also enjoy the enchanting sunrise over the saffron dunes while luxuriating in one of the city’s rooftop cafes. These private tours are ideal for a cultural immersion into Morocco’s history.

Best of Morocco

If you’ve never been to Morocco before, you’re missing out! With the Best of Morocco private tours, you’ll explore the imperial cities, the desert, the ancient ruins, and the “little Switzerland” of Fez. Plus, you’ll visit the Old Medina, Morocco’s largest mosque, and Volubilis ruins, which are just a few of the many highlights of this country.

Desert Morocco Adventure

The desert is one of the most fascinating places in the world, and a private tour through Morocco’s sand dunes can help you experience it at its best. There are a few different types of tours that you can choose from, depending on your needs. Some tours take you through the ancient city of Marrakech and explore its fascinating history and culture. Others focus on visiting the windswept city of Essaouira, also known as the Windy City of Africa.

Audacious Adventures

If you’d like to experience a unique travel experience, consider booking a private tour of Morocco. These tours are tailored to the needs of the individual traveler, and include camel riding, camping under the stars, and a variety of cultural experiences. You can even race an SUV on the former Paris-Dakar track! The choices are endless. The best part? They’re available all year long!

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