Morocco surf spots

Morocco surf spots

If you are an intermediate surfer and you’re trying to find Morocco surf spots, you can try Tamri, located between Taghazoute and Imsouane. This place is very quiet and attracts local birds. The waves here are good for beginners and intermediates. If you want to learn more about Morocco’s surf spots, read the following articles. The following are just a few of the many available. Read more about these places and plan your next trip to Morocco!

Sidi Kaouki

Sidi Kaouki is a surf hotspot in Central Morocco, a surfer’s paradise. It receives a blend of windswells and groundswells with the swell direction from the northwest. You can surf here on both right-handers and lefts, and you won’t be overrun with crowds. The waves aren’t affected by tides, so you can ride them all day long.

Morocco surf spots : Cathedral Point Break

The North-Western Swells from the Atlantic Ocean bring huge, hollow barrels to Cathedral Point Break, Morocco’s best point break. A unique feature of this beach is that it breaks before the breakwater dwarf, so you can ride it for several minutes before the shore. As the longest reef break in the country, it is an ideal place for beginners, but can also be a fun spot for intermediate surfers. If you’re not interested in surfing for long waves, try the nearby The Bay, which features a left-hand point break.


If you’re looking for a great day at the beach and a good wave to ride, Taghazoute, Morocco is a good place to go. The region is known for its big waves, which can be a challenge for inexperienced surfers. However, it is worth the effort for a truly great day out at the beach. The best surfing conditions at this location are during low tides, when the beach breaks over a shallow reef. And while it’s not perfect in any season, there are a number of good surf spots to choose from.

Morocco surf spots : Sandycamps

The surf and yoga camps at Sandycamps in Morocco are a great way to get some exercise in the sun. This large beach resort has an outdoor swimming pool, sunny terraces and a 100 m2 yoga shala. In the evening, enjoy live music and animated games, as well as a delicious three-course meal. There are also workshops and live music on weekends. If you’re looking for a fun and affordable holiday, you can’t go wrong with the Surf and Yoga packages.


If you’re looking for some good waves in Morocco, Safi is the place for you. This big beach break is just north of the city of Essaouira, and has rocky slabs that produce gnarly, powerful waves. Little swells are enough to check out Safi, but big swells can create ‘tubing’ waves. Safi’s left breaks are best ridden in mid to high tide, and the waves are long enough for advanced surfers.