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Morocco is a country bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea and is full of morocco top tourist attractions.. The country’s Berber culture is its most distinctive characteristic. The cultural highlights of Morocco include its medina (medieval quarter), which is filled with souks selling ceramics, silver, and other items. Other notable sites include the Kasbah of the Udayas, a fort from the 12th century.

One of Morocco’s top tourist attractions is its gorges, and this area is especially popular for rock climbing. This region spans 25 miles, and its formations and patterns change with the time of day. You can even drive through mountain goat habitats, although you won’t want to come anywhere near the narrow gorge’s highway. This is also a great place to go shopping for terracotta bowls and leather goods.

Volubis is another of Morocco’s top tourist attractions. Volubis, an ancient capital in the Mauritanian Empire, housed some of the city’s finest buildings. UNESCO declared Volubis a World Heritage Site in 1997, and it’s one of the top tourist attractions in Morocco. The ruins of the old city of Meknes include a series of kasbahs and other buildings.

Morocco’s history and culture is as diverse as its landscape. Explore a city with a mix of European and traditional Berber influences. Marrakech, the imperial capital, offers a mix of modern and traditional charm. While the medina is a fascinating place to explore, visitors can also opt for a stay at one of the Agafay luxury camp desert. Aside from Marrakech, Morocco is also home to several other cities of note.

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