Moroccan Tourism Board

The Morocco Tourism Board

The Morocco Tourism Board has set several goals for 2022, focusing on strengthening the seaside resort industry and developing new tourist destinations throughout the Souss and Sahara regions. The goals of the Morocco Tourism Board include Patrimony/Heritage, Business/Well-Being, Biladi, and Eco/Green Sustainability. During November, the country will host the COP22 U.N. sponsored climate change conference, which will attract tens of thousands of participants and delegates.

Moroccan Tourism Board : Moroccan cuisine

You can experience the Moroccan cuisine in many different ways during your stay in Morocco. Moroccan salads are very different from those in other cultures. Served with bread, Moroccan salads can be served raw, cooked, cold, or even steamed. Most are served with a main course. The most popular salad in Morocco is zaalouk, which is a mixture of eggplant, tomato, and garlic. Other common Moroccan salads include carrots, tk’touka, and peppers.

Ancient cities

The Roman Empire occupied parts of North Africa, including Morocco, and established cities there, including Asilah. These cities possessed trading and administrative centers and were known as “forums” because they had different markets and public areas. Some of these remains can still be found today. The Phoenicians ruled this region before the Romans arrived. They also established an important trading port in Asilah, which was later renamed Zilis by the Romans. The Romans were also a major force in the region.

Mountain ranges

Morocco has four mountain ranges, including the Rif, High Atlas, and Atlas. Each range has its own unique characteristics, but they are all easily accessible in good physical condition. Some mountains, such as the High Atlas, remain snowcapped year-round, while others are much more manageable and easily accessible. The National Tourism Office offers detailed information about Morocco’s mountain ranges. Here are some highlights. Listed below are the best places to hike and explore in the country.

Moroccan Tourism Board : Golden beaches

Located half-way between the Atlantic and Mediterranean oceans, Morocco’s golden beaches are perfect for relaxing and snorkeling. You can even watch dolphins sticking their heads out as you relax on the sand. You can reach the beach by plane from Casablanca airport or by road from one of the many villages along the coast. This country’s beaches are a wonderful combination of ancient medinas and modern European influences.

Low-cost airlines

In 2006, the Moroccan government invoked a policy known as the “open-skys” on its air transport sector. King Mohammed VI had hoped to significantly increase arrivals to the country and several low-cost European airlines took advantage of the situation. This resulted in increased flight arrivals and greater competition in the country’s major tourist hubs. But how will the Moroccan government promote its unique location to attract more international visitors?

Sustainable tourism

With a projected 13 million tourist arrivals in 2019, Morocco is one of the world’s most visited countries. The country is home to diverse landscapes, including the world’s largest desert and a temperate Atlantic coastline. However, as is the case with many countries, the majority of tourists congregate in certain areas, causing environmental damage and economic fallout. In order to prevent this from happening, Morocco has tried to shift its focus towards sustainable tourism.

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