Surf Morocco

Surf Morocco’s Waves

If you want to surf the waves of Surf Morocco, here are some of the top spots: Boilers, Banana Beach, Imessouane, and Killer Point. Read on to discover what to expect from each spot. Then, get ready to make the most of your time in this country! You’ll want to surf all four of these spots! Listed below are the best spots for each type of surfboard. We’ll take you right through each of them.

Surf Morocco : Banana Beach

Located near Taghazoute, Banana Beach is a popular place to surf for beginners and intermediates alike. Its gentle right curls around the point allow for easy entry to the beach, and it copes with swells of all sizes. Beginners should plan to spend a day here, as there are a few good surf spots nearby. This location is also popular with longboarders.

Surf Morocco: Imessouane

If you love surfing, Imsouane is the place for you! Located between the towns of Taghazout and Essaouira, this beach town has one of the longest waves in Morocco. This town is popular among surfers of all levels, as its main bay is famous for its wave that stretches for nearly 600 meters. Regardless of your level of surfing, Imsouane has a wave for you! Beginners and intermediate surfers will love the wide variety of waves found here, including some of the longest in the world.

Killer Point

If you’re in search of the best waves in Morocco, then look no further than Killer Point. This point break in the Taghazout area is home to some of the world’s most consistent barrels, bowls, and fast sections. The waves here are suitable for surfers of all levels. Beginners can get some fun rides here, while more advanced surfers will find barreling sections here as the swell builds.


Boilers is an exposed reef break located in Central Morocco. Winter months are the best time to surf here because the offshore winds bring distant groundswells. Swell direction is usually from the west or northwest. Be aware, however, that Boilers can be crowded and have rocks and rips. Therefore, it’s best to check swell direction before heading to this spot. However, you can expect to enjoy waves of varying size and consistency.

Hash Point

Known for its highly pungent and strong flavor, Moroccan hash is a favorite among kif-seeking backpackers. It is produced in the Ketama region of Morocco, which has open ground that is conducive to cannabis cultivation. Although Moroccan police have not officially pushed for legalization, the country’s conservative and highly religious society may be hesitant to accept the new industry. The high-quality hash is derived from three different hydraulic presses, the first of which yields pure hashish while the second produces hashish that is progressively darker in color.


The weather in Panoramas is very warm during the spring and summer. The air temperature in this region feels like 28.0 degrees Celsius, but the sea temperature stays at 18.9 degrees Celsius. You should wear a spring or summer wetsuit, but some people opt for less neoprene during the warm months. Check out the surf stats to see the swell variation by month and season. The wind stats are also helpful for identifying the best conditions at Panoramas.

Sidi Kaouki

There are many different ways to enjoy Sidi Kaouki surf breaks. In addition to the traditional wave catching methods of surfing, Sidi Kaouki is also a great place for wind surfing, kite surfing, and stand up paddle boarding. If you’re unsure of what type of surfing you’d prefer, you can rent equipment from a local surf station. The shop features quality gear for rent, as well as showers, change rooms, and lockers. The rooms are rustic-chic, with raw wood features, adobe walls, and private balconies overlooking the ocean.