Tangier city centre

Tangier City Centre

To visit the Tangier city centre, you can take a cab from the airport. Taxis are available at the airport exit for fixed prices. A great place to eat is the Grand Socco market. You can purchase Moroccan rugs from the Grand Socco market or buy them in a local craft store. You can also find fresh fruit and vegetables at local markets. To reach the city centre by taxi, you can go to the Avenue Belgique and take a left at Rue Mexique.

Place du Maghreb Arabe

Hotel Royal Tanger is situated near the Place du Maghreb Arabe, a popular shopping district, and less than 0.6 miles from the American Legation Museum. The hotel offers free private parking and rooms with a flat-screen TV and a hairdryer. Staff members speak both Arabic and English. The hotel also provides laundry services. The hotel’s location is ideal for travelers wanting to explore the city’s many attractions.

Tangier City Centre : Place de la Kasbah

Visiting the Kasbah Museum in Tangier is a worthwhile experience. This historic building dates from the 17th century and displays artifacts dating back hundreds of years. It also houses an art gallery and children’s theater. It also has a collection of Moroccan manuscripts and guns with inlay decorations. In addition to the Kasbah, the city is home to numerous museums and historical sites. The following are some of the most popular:

Place de la Socco

In the heart of Tangier’s historic city centre, you can find the Place de la Socco, where many locals and tourists go for the afternoon’s shopping. A lively atmosphere and a wide variety of shops and restaurants await you. Place de la Socco is also home to the Asilah Tower, built by King Emmanuel I in 1505 to house the daughter of the Portuguese governor of Asilah. The tower’s purpose was to enable the daughter to view Portugal from the coast of Morocco. The construction of the tower began in 1505 and was completed four years later. Place de la Socco and the Asilah Tower are among the oldest historical monuments in the city. It’s easy to get here by taxi or by train.

Grand Socco Market

If you are planning a visit to Tangier, you will most likely want to make a trip to the historic Grand Socco Market. This historic circular roundabout is the main divider between the old Médina and the new city centre. The new area is located on the other side of Place du 9 Avril 1947, a street that is lined with restaurants and shops. The Grand Socco is a popular place to shop in the city centre.

Hotel Pestana Tangier City Centre

The Pestana group of hotels is launching its second project in Morocco by building a luxury hotel in Tangier, the gateway to the Strait of Gibraltar and Europe. The hotel is a collaboration between the Pestana Group and Inveravante, the largest Portuguese multinational group. The 120-room hotel will be located in the city centre, near the Tanja Marina Bay. It is smoke-free and offers free Wi-Fi, cable television, and separate living and sleeping areas.

Bus routes in Tangier

The two most important squares in Tangier are the Grand Socco and Petit Socco. Aside from these, the city is also home to the Mendoubia Gardens, flanked by a row of elegant colonial-era buildings. Its beautiful gardens are a popular gathering place for locals and visitors. The American Legation Museum, located in a five-story mansion, is another must-see. It showcases a diverse range of paintings, including the famous Zohra by James McBey. It has been referred to as the Moroccan Mona Lisa.

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