tangier tourism

Tangier Tourism

For travelers, Tangier’s many cultural sites are sure to be highlights of their Tangier Tourism. Visit the Kasbah, Place de France, the Museum of Mediterranean Cultures, and Cinema Rif. Tangier is a gateway between Europe and Africa. It also has a fascinating history. If you’re looking for a great day trip, Morocco may be the place for you. And, if you’re traveling with kids, be sure to check out the children’s museum.

Place de France

The main square of Tangier is the Place de France, named for the French consulate. This square becomes crowded after 6 pm. Place de France was once popular with European secret agents during World War II. It was also featured in a chase scene in the 2007 movie, The Bourne Ultimatum. For its architecture and stunning view of the city, the Place de France is one of the most photographed places in Tangier.

Tangier Tourism : Kasbah

During your trip to Morocco, be sure to visit the Kasbah in Tangier. This medieval fortress is the perfect place to experience a taste of old world charm. Visit the Museum of History and see a vast collection of antiques, artifacts, and statues. Afterwards, stroll through the Kasbah to see the impressive architecture of the town. The museum’s collection includes dozens of pieces of art, including statues and a magnificent golden mummy.

Museum of Mediterranean Cultures

The Tangier Museum of History is an excellent place to start your sightseeing in Tangier. This museum is home to an extensive collection of artifacts, statues, and antiques. It features displays from ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, and the Mediterranean region. Once you’ve seen these, you may want to spend time in the Tangier Souk or the Museum of History. In addition, you can explore the city’s museums and galleries.

Cinema Rif

Cinema Rif is a great place to watch a movie during your visit to Tangier. This old cinema has been converted into a modern cinema, the Cinematheque Tangier. If you visit this place, you will see that it is popular with the local artists and young people. You will also get to see a great variety of movies if you have time to wait in line. The cinema is located in the heart of Tangier’s Medina, which means that you’ll be surrounded by a plethora of activities.

Tangier Tourism : Cafe culture

Café culture in Tangier, Morocco, is alive and well. Founded in 1921, Hafa cafe, located in the Marshan neighborhood, has been a place to relax for artists, writers, and tourists for many years. Its white-washed and indigo-stained walls, clay pots, and uneven tables have cultivated a unique culture for its patrons. Here, you can enjoy coffee, tea, or a meal with a view of the Strait of Gibraltar.

Getting around

Getting around Tangier can be a challenge, especially if you’re coming from out of town. There are two train stations in the city, one on the edge of the old town, and the other on the port. It’s possible to take a taxi from either station, but taxis are more expensive. It’s recommended to hire a personal guide or rent a car, but these aren’t necessary.

Tangier Tourism – Things to do

Looking for excitement and adventure in Tangier? Look no further! Explore the vibrant city and its breathtaking surroundings with a thrilling quad biking experience. Feel the rush as you navigate through rugged terrains, picturesque landscapes, and discover hidden gems off the beaten path. Quad biking in Tangier offers a unique way to immerse yourself in the local culture and create unforgettable memories. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or an outdoor enthusiast, quad biking is a must-do activity that promises endless fun and excitement. Book your quad biking tour in Tangier today and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!


While on holiday in Tangier, Moroccans should follow certain guidelines for their own safety. It is wise to check the status of all tourist accommodations before booking. Tourists must be aware that many hotels have touts on the streets. It is also wise to have written information about your chosen lodging handy. You should plan your transportation in advance to avoid being stuck in a crowded area or dealing with a taxi driver pretending not to know where you are staying. Most upscale hotels can arrange a driver for you, however.

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