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Experience the magic of Moroccan cuisine with our Cooking Class Marrakech. Dive into the vibrant spices, fresh vegetables, and traditional techniques that make Morocco’s culinary scene one of a kind.

Our Morocco cooking class isn’t just a class – it’s a journey. A journey that weaves through the aromatic corridors of a local market, where you’ll hand-pick the freshest ingredients for your dishes. A journey that starts with the soothing scent of freshly brewed mint tea, as you get to know your classmates and the culinary adventure that awaits you.

At the heart of our Marrakesh cooking class is the hands-on experience. You’ll learn to peel, chop, and season like a local, using traditional Moroccan techniques handed down through generations. Our expert chefs will guide you through the creation of an array of dishes, each imbued with the iconic flavors of Morocco – from the bold, complex notes of Ras El Hanout to the delicate blend of spices that bring every tagine to life. This isn’t just a cooking course in Marrakech, it’s an immersion into the heart of Moroccan home cooking.

Cooking Class Marrakech: Dive into Moroccan Cuisine

And what sets our cooking class Marrakech apart? It’s about more than just the food. As the tantalizing scents of your dishes fill the air, you’ll delve deep into Moroccan culture, traditions, and history. The art of Moroccan cooking is steeply rooted in its people’s history, and understanding this rich tapestry makes the food you’ll prepare even more meaningful.

As one of the best cooking class in Marrakech, we believe in learning by doing – and eating! You’ll work as a team, building bonds as you build delicious dishes, each one a lesson in flavor and technique. By the end of our Moroccan cooking class Marrakech, you’ll have more than just new recipes – you’ll have lasting memories.

So, whether you’re a seasoned chef or a culinary novice, join us in Marrakech for a cooking class that’s far more than just a meal – it’s a taste of Moroccan life. It’s not just a class, it’s the best cooking class Marrakech has to offer.

Ready to stir the pot and dive into exciting things to do in Marrakech? Join us for our Cooking Class Marrakech. Your Moroccan culinary adventure awaits!

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  • Welcome drink (fresh mint tea)
  • Water
  • Bread
  • Lunch or dinner
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Our journey begins in a bustling local market near our home, where you'll be guided through the vibrant stalls to choose fresh vegetables and other ingredients for your dishes. This hands-on experience gives you a taste of the local food scene and sets the stage for the culinary adventure that lies ahead. Upon arriving at our house, we'll kick off the session with a lesson in making traditional Moroccan mint tea. This soothing, fragrant beverage is the perfect icebreaker as we sit, sip, and get to know one another. Once we've warmed up with our tea, we'll launch into the cooking portion of the class. We start with the dish that requires the longest cooking time, allowing it to simmer and absorb flavours as we turn our attention to other dishes. Our approach is highly collaborative - we'll all work together, allowing you to learn a variety of dishes rather than focusing on just one. In our cooking class Marrakech, you can expect to create a variety of tagines, potentially featuring veggies, chicken, beef, or meatballs. We also teach how to make couscous in our workshop, but kindly request you specify your interest in this before the class. We'll pause for a tea break in the midst of our cooking extravaganza, and if time allows, we may venture to our rooftop. Here, you can soak in panoramic views of the Medina and the distant Atlas Mountains, a breath-taking backdrop to our culinary adventure. To ensure the recipes you've learned stay with you long after the class, we'll share a document of the dishes we made, along with several other recipes. And don't worry - kids are more than welcome in our class! Experience the art of Moroccan cooking in an intimate, friendly setting. Join us for our Cooking Class Marrakech - where culture, community, and cuisine collide.
  • Chicken with preserved lemon
  • Veggies tagine
  • Meatballs tagine (kefta tagine)
  • Couscous (on demand)
  • Eggplant salad
  • Sweet pepper cooked salad
  • Beef or lamb with prunes

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