what is the capital of morocco

What is the Capital of Morocco?

If you’ve ever wondered what is the capital of Morocco, you’ll probably be interested to learn that it’s not the country’s largest city. It is, however, located near the mouth of the Bou Regreg River, next to the Atlantic Ocean. The city’s population is around 577,827 in the CBD, and there are roughly 1.2 million people living in the surrounding metro area.

What is the capital of Morocco: Rabat

Rabat is the capital of Morocco. In the 12th century, the Almohad Caliph Yaqub al-Mansur shifted the capital to Rabat and started building city walls and the world’s largest mosque. Unfortunately, he died before the mosque could be completed. Today, Rabat is a bustling city dotted with historical landmarks and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Rabat’s skyline is dominated by the Hassan Tower, which is 44 meters tall.

Language: Arabic

Moroccan Arabic is a dialect of the North African language. Like most Arabic varieties, Moroccan Arabic is characterized by a dual number system and an emphasis on o. Arabic verbs have three consonants and an imperfect stem. In some forms, Moroccan Arabic uses a single vowel. However, many speakers are confused by the lack of gender distinction. The two languages are similar in many ways, but Moroccan Arabic has its own distinctive features.

Location: beside Oued Bou Regreg river

The Oued Bou Regreg river is situated in western Morocco. Thus, it has an elevation of 107 meters and discharges into the Atlantic Ocean. The river’s estuary, or “watershed,” is called Wadi Sala. The river is 240 kilometers long and extends upstream for about 24 km. During heavy flooding, the Bou Regreg produces up to 1500 m3/s of water. The river’s source is in the Middle Atlas Mountains, at 1627 meters.

Famous sites: La Maison de la Photographie

The Museum of Moroccan photography is one of the top things to do while you’re in Rabat. This place not only houses a permanent collection but also presents changing exhibitions. You can view all kinds of beautiful photography from the past to the present. The museum also offers tours and offers an opportunity to buy artworks. For more information, visit the website. The museum has a bilingual website. Visitors can also learn more about Moroccan culture and history by visiting the Moroccan embassy.

What is the capital of Morocco, Major attractions: Musee Mohammed VI

Marrakech is one of the four former imperial cities of the Moroccan Berber empires. It has been inhabited by Berbers since Neolithic times. The city was founded in the year 1062 by a cousin of Yusuf ibn Tashfin, and in 1122-1123, Ali ibn Tashfin built the city’s famous red walls. Marrakech grew to be a major trading centre and is home to the biggest traditional souk in Morocco. It has since been developed into a key tourist destination.

Largest city: Casablanca

Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco with a population of over three million people. Located on the Atlantic Ocean, Casablanca is the country’s main seaport and economic and business center. It is also an extremely culturally rich city. The city was first inhabited by the Berbers in the 7th century, and it was later renamed Casa Branca by the Portuguese in 1575. After an earthquake, the Arabs reconstructed the city and called it Dar Al Beida, meaning ‘the white house’. By the end of the 18th century, Casablanca was the center of sea trade between Morocco and Europe.

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