what is the weather in agadir in february

What is the Weather in Agadir in February?

If you’re wondering what is the weather in Agadir in February? The climate of a place is highly dependent on the time of year it is visited. It will be a good idea to know the weather of a place before travelling there. In general, the months of February have the same temperature as January, and the relative humindex will be in the range of 11 to 15 throughout the month. The dew point, or the temperature at which it feels wet or dry, will be around seven in February. The length of the day also gradually increases by 45 minutes.

What is the Weather in Agadir in February : Average number of sunny hours

The average number of sunny hours in Agadir in February is approximately 10 hours. Generally, the temperatures are between 19 and 26 degrees, with only a few days experiencing fog. In this time of year, the temperatures remain comfortable with only a light breeze. The sun sets between 6:14 PM and 6:36 PM. The chart below displays the median amount of cloud cover over the past 10 years. While February is fundamentally dry, it is important to wear sun protective clothing and to take advantage of the low humidity.

Average number of rainy hours

The average temperature in Agadir in February is 20oC. At night, the temperature drops to nine degrees C (about 17 degrees F). The average number of rainy hours is four. The rainfall amount is 33 mm (1.025 in). The number of sunny hours is eight hours. The amount of UV radiation is moderate. In February, the tourist season is at its peak. The average number of rainy hours is four.

What is the Weather in Agadir in February?: Average number of windy hours

The average hourly wind speed in Agadir varies throughout the year. The windiest month is May, with average wind speeds of over 8 miles per hour. In late May, the wind reaches their highest point, with sustained winds of over 15.7 miles per hour. Despite the varying winds, the average comfort level remains above 15 percent throughout the year. The wind direction also varies throughout the year, with the prevailing wind direction being southwest.

Average number of rainy days

The average number of rainy days in Agadir during February is 36mm. The average high temperature during this month is 20oC, with low temperatures of 9degC at night. There is very little humidity in the air, and the average number of days with rain is around eight per day. There are only two days in February that experience more than two inches of rain. This rainfall is not uncommon, and the sunshine hours are a very pleasant eight hours a day.

Average number of rainy nights

The climate in Agadir in February is influenced by a Mid-latitude Dry Semiarid (Steppe) climate, with daytime temperatures between 19 and 25°F and a UV Index of (6). It is always a good idea to bring sun protection. The hottest part of February is the second week, with a temperature of 18.1 degC (68.7 F). However, be aware that the first week of February is one of the wettest, with an average of 4.4 nights of rainy weather.

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