what to do in casablanca

What to do in Casablanca: THE CITY GUIDE

Casablanca is a city of contrasts, rich in history and architectural splendor, which many tourists overlook in their quest to gain a better understanding of Moroccan culture. Begin your explorations with the magnificent Hassan II mosque, the world's second-largest mosque. Take a stroll along the Cornishe and take in the ocean views, take the trams throughout the city, or visit the Notre Dame de Lourdes Cathedral to admire the stained glass. In Casablanca, Morocco, these are the greatest things to do.

Ain Diab

Ain Diab is well-known as the "rich man's swimming hole." Ain Diab, a posh beachfront neighborhood just outside of Casablanca, is a great place to spend a weekend or a mini-vacation at one of the area's many hotels, both new and old. In the summer, this vast sandy beach becomes extremely crowded, although the water is too chilly for swimming the rest of year.

The only things you can do during the day are laze around and soak up the rays and cool down in the pool. All of the neighborhood clubs and discos come to life in the evenings. There aren't many places where you can get booze. In 1958, Ain Diab hosted a Formula One world championship round, earning it 15 minutes of international glory.

Things to Do in Casablanca, Morocco: Casa Tramway

The air-conditioned Casablanca Tramway is an excellent way to go around the city. Starting in 2014, the 31-mile-long route features 48 stations or stops. It connects the east side of Sidi Moumen with Ain Diab and the university district.

Eventually, more lines will be added, but in the meantime, acquire a map of all stops and sit and watch the city go by like the natives do. Tinted windows and air conditioning keep the trams cool and comfortable, and they're easy to get on and off. A total of 213 feet can be achieved when they are joined together. Ask your accommodation where you can get the tickets and where the nearest stop is.

Casablanca Twin Center

A restaurant on the 27th story of the Casablanca Twin Center, affectionately known as "La Grande Casa" by the locals, has the greatest view of the entire city. In the center of the city, on the corner of Al Massira Al Khadra Blvd. and Zerktouni Blvd., in the Maarif area, they are rightfully proud of the 377-foot twin skyscrapers.

There is a major shopping area on the lower level of the towers, which attracts a lot of people. All offices are located in one tower, the West Tower, which houses the five-star Kenzi Tower.

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