Where to Travel in Morocco

Where to Travel in Morocco?

There are so many places to see in Morocco that it can be difficult to know Where to Travel in Morocco? Here are the places to visit in Morocco, Casablanca, Merzouga, and Asilah. The journey from Marrakesh to Fez takes around 10 hours. The train ticket is $30 for first class and $20 for second class. Buy your ticket at the train station or use the grand taxis, which are old Mercedes saloons from the eighties. Grand taxis have six seats and are part of an ad-hoc national network.


If you’re planning a trip to Morocco, you might want to include Essaouira on your itinerary. The coastal town is a favorite among tourists who want to experience the culture, history, and cosmopolitan lifestyle of the country. It is a fishing town, so you’ll want to find restaurants that specialize in fresh fish. You can also try cooking classes in Morocco at places like Khadija’s Kuzina in Essaouira. Make sure to eat everything you cook! Place Moulay Hassan is an excellent choice for cheap Moroccan food. Chez Sam, a local restaurant with excellent seafood, is another excellent choice. For traditional Moroccan cuisine, head to Riad el Grande Large, where you can enjoy live music and delicious traditional meals.

The city’s old quarter is located right on the sea, and the walls of the fort once protected it. Enjoy your lunch at one of the many terrace restaurants, and watch the fishermen haul in their catch and mend their nets. A visit to the colorful port is a must, especially if you want to pick up some souvenirs for friends back home. As you stroll around the Medina, you’ll be surrounded by colorful fishing boats, which make for an incredibly scenic setting.

If you’re looking where to travel in Morocco for a fun way to relax during your trip, you can try a camel ride. The ride can be exciting and can feel like you’re riding a bucking broncho. It’s easy to get around town by foot, and most riads offer rooftop areas for sunbathing and relaxation. The wind is strong, and if you’re a lover of water sports, you’ll want to rent a kite and some surf boards to practice your new skills. Make sure you bring a wetsuit if you plan to partake in these activities, as you’ll need one if you want to participate.


If you’re looking for a city where to travel in Morocco that oozes old-world charm and Moroccan flair, look no further than Casablanca. This seaside city is a fascinating blend of Moorish and Art Deco architecture. The Old Medina features many artisan stalls and traditional Moroccan crafts, and the port and 16th-century Portuguese fortress are also popular places to visit. Casablanca’s architectural landmarks range from classic Moorish buildings to European structures like the L’Eglise du Sacre-Coeur.

The city has a vibrant nightlife, with restaurants and bars showcasing local and international artists. You can experience Moroccan cuisine and live jazz concerts in the city’s historic center. If you’re looking for more sophisticated accommodation, try one of the many luxury boutiques and restaurants in the upscale Gauthier district. Public transport in Casablanca is easy to use and can be inexpensive, starting at around DH7. Public transportation is relatively reliable, but there is the possibility of unreliable services.

A trip to Casablanca’s famous market square is a must when in the city. The square is lined with old European buildings, including some from the early 1920s. The buildings feature Hispanic-Muslim architecture and white facades and gold-colored stones. The water fountains are particularly striking, and a visit to the square is a great way to start your day. If you don’t feel like splurging on the streets, try the local restaurants and cafes.

If you’re looking for a city that’s rich in history and culture, consider spending time in Casablanca’s port. It has been a bustling port since Roman times, but its fishing heritage has never vanished. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed, seaside day or a romantic weekend getaway, Casablanca offers plenty of both. You can even take a day trip from Casablanca to nearby Oualidia.

Where to Travel in Morocco: Merzouga

In the oasis of Merzouga, where to travel in the Moroccan desert, you can get an experience of a lifetime. A quad biking adventure in this arid region will take you through the rocky landscapes and sand dunes. The ride will give you the chance to explore some of the most isolated corners of nature and stop for a cup of tea with a Berber family.

If you decide to travel independently, you can also rent a car and explore Merzouga on your own. Although renting a car is a bit more expensive than a tour, you can save money and experience the countless sights in Merzouga without worrying about driving. You can book your tour online and get a great price. You can also try to go on a tour of the area by bus. The price of the bus ride varies according to the time of day, but most of them cost around 200 Moroccan Dirhams.

If you choose to rent a car, you can plan your route yourself. This way, you can take breaks when you want and get to know the country better. The route to Merzouga follows highways N9 and N10 and passes through the towns of Ouarzazate and Tinghir. While there, you can stop to check out the famous Ouarzazate Kasbah. Alternatively, you can take a bus that departs from Marrakech at 8:30am. Otherwise, you can switch buses along the way.

The desert temperature can be as high as 45oC during the day, but it can be a bit chilly at night. Wear a fleece jacket and wool socks to keep the chill at bay. Wear cotton or linen pants that can be easily layered for cooler nights. Sand gets everywhere in Merzouga, so make sure to bring sunglasses and a light jacket. In addition to a hat and sunscreen, pack a waterproof umbrella and some waterproof shoes.


If you’re looking for a beach getaway and are wondering where to travel in Morocco, consider a visit to Asilah. Located 40 minutes south of Tangier, this coastal city offers a less crowded medina and plenty of beaches. It also has some great street art and the perfect sunsets. Asilah is known as a beachside town, and it’s easy to see why.

There are many things to do and see in Asilah, including a visit to its whitewashed walls and a trip on a camel or horseback. This town also has its share of beachfront properties, so walking is a great option to explore the medina. If you don’t feel like walking, taxis are inexpensive and donkey carts are also available for rent. Many of the town’s hotels and guesthouses have a medina location, making it easy to explore all of the area without worrying about driving.

One of the major attractions of Asilah is its Medina. This ancient center is one of the cleanest in Morocco, making it a great place to start any visit to Asilah. You can also walk through the old walled city’s medina and browse through the local souvenir shops. The Medina is the most popular attraction in Asilah, and it is definitely worth seeing in the spring or autumn.

If you’re looking for a beach, the town of Asilah has lovely beaches that are popular with both foreigners and locals. While the beaches are popular with visitors, they are still crowded. If you’re looking for a quieter beach, head out a bit further south to the town of Sidi M’Rait. You’ll find a nice beach and some excellent pop-up restaurants.

Where to Travel in Morocco: Rabat

When planning your trip, you’ll need to know what to pack for the region. It’s essential to pack sturdy walking shoes and dressier sandals, as you may need them in the country. Additionally, bring a travel mug, small gift for your host or friend, and medications in their original containers. Also, don’t forget to pack extra socks and flip flops, as they can be uncomfortable and hot to wear in the airport. A scarf or long shirt might be useful as well.

The Moroccan people speak a variety of languages, including Arabic, Berber, and Spanish. The main language is Darija, a dialect of Arabic that’s similar to a West African creole. It’s a mash-up of several languages, and most Arabic speakers outside of Algeria and Tunisia cannot understand it. However, if you speak both Arabic and Darija, you’ll be able to get by with Moroccan-style!

If you’re on a tight budget, take a train to a city you’d like to visit. The train journey from Marrakesh to Fez will take about 10 hours and cost $30 in first class. Second-class tickets are only $20. Train tickets can be purchased at the train station. Another affordable option is a grand taxi. These large, eight-seat Mercedes saloons are part of a nationwide network.

If you’re looking for the perfect beach location, Morocco has a wide selection of beaches. The Atlantic coast has several beautiful beaches, and the Dakhla beach is a great place to enjoy them. Located 19km north of Agadir, Taghazout is a popular surfing spot. It’s also home to beautiful Spanish and Amazigh architecture. If you’re not a surfer, you can go to the city of Sidi Ifni, which boasts gorgeous beaches.

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