a trip to marrakech


It’s rare to find a location like Marrakech, which lives and breathes its own unique rhythms. What about a trip to Marrakech. With its bustling streets and rich and intriguing culture, it’s easy to get lost (literally) here.

Tourists will be harassed by souvenir shop owners, motorcycles speed by, tagine spices fill the air and young men with dubious smiles point their fingers into alleyways in an attempt to deceive you, and don’t forget the desert heat!!

Marrakech might be a bit overwhelming, especially for the senses, for a first-time tourist. As a result, I’ve compiled an insider’s guide to ensure that you have the same level of enjoyment I had while exploring this hidden gem. Here’s how to make the most of your time in Marrakech, as well as some of the best activities to partake in while you’re here.


Staying in one of Marrakech’s lovely riads will offer you a more authentic sense of Moroccan life. This traditional Moroccan house frequently dates back more than a century and contains a courtyard.

As most riads are in the medina, they are a good option for short-term visitors. When the bustle of the medina or the heat becomes unbearable, a riad is the perfect respite from the city.

Riad El Fenn, a hidden refuge in the medina’s dark alleyways, was our first stop in Marrakech. This riad is a designer’s dream, featuring a unique fusion of modern art and traditional Moroccan design features throughout. This hotel’s rooftop, which overlooks the rooftops of Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains in the distance, is my favorite feature. You should definitely stop over for a drink and a sunset view even if you don’t plan to stay here.


The Riad Jardin Secret, where we slept for the final two nights, was located in a quieter part of the medina. This riad has been entirely reconstructed to maintain and celebrate the local artisan tradition.

A laid-back, free vibe is prevalent throughout the riad and is both motivating and friendly at the same time.. Just 11 rooms make Jardin Secret as small and relaxing as it can possibly be, making it the perfect getaway. Guests can even take refuge in one of the many ornate nooks scattered across the space.


If you want to get a real feel for the city of Marrakech, you should spend the majority of your time in the Medina. This is where the majority of the city’s history and culture can be found.

It is certain that you may grow disoriented.

The medina is a labyrinth made up of winding passageways and small lanes filled with tourist stores that, after a few loops, begin to all appear to be the same as one another. The design of the museum’s layout suffers from serious deficiencies in both clarity and consistency. The allure of the experience lies in the fact that it can be both risky and rewarding. You risk missing a light business or ending yourself in an unwelcome neighborhood if you roam the medina alone. However, despite these risks, the experience can be extremely rewarding.

Wandering around the city, pausing for a cup of coffee in a cafe tucked away in a back alleyway, and snacking on freshly baked Moroccan pastries are all wonderful ways to treat oneself.

If you are traveling by yourself or are anxious about becoming disoriented, you might find that a walking tour is more appealing.