Agadir surfing

Agadir Surfing Best Spots 2023

Wind is a very important factor in deciding whether waves in Agadir are surfable, so before you travel, check out the swell maps for Agadir surfing. In a typical July, waves of a size suitable for surfing run for 31% of the time. If the swell maps are not enough to decide if the waves are surfable in Agadir, here are some useful tips for your trip. Also, you should be prepared to spend some time navigating between different swell maps.

Agadir Surfing: Taghazout

Surfing in Morocco is not for the faint of heart. The coastline and climate make it the perfect place to catch big waves. There are several spots in and around Agadir. In the winter, there are regular W-SW swells with offshore winds. Summer has a bad reputation for cross-shores, but it’s still good for beginners. Winter surf is a great time to visit and try Agadir Surfing, with its consistently good waves and great weather.

Sidi Kaouki

If you are looking for a quiet beach break in the south of Morocco, consider surfing the waves in Sidi Kaouki. Located 12 km from Essaouira, the beach has undisturbed sand dunes and argon shrubs. It is one of the most beautiful semi-developed beaches in Morocco. It is the ideal place to camp among the dunes and stay at an open house.


If you’re interested in learning how to surf, Tamraght at Agadir is the place to go. This beachside village is situated right on the famous Banana Beach Break. This surf camp requires a minimum stay of two nights. The price includes all meals, daily surf lessons and airport transfers. You can also get discounts if you book for 13 nights or more. Accommodation at Tamraght is available in a variety of styles, including apartments and suites.

Agadir Surfing: Imsouane

If you’re looking for some of the best waves in Morocco, Imsouane surfing is the perfect choice for you. This traditional fishing village, located halfway between Agadir and Essaouir, has been called one of the most beautiful surfing spots in the world. The waves at Imsouane can reach eight hundred meters! Access is easy, and the surf school’s group will bring you to the point break in Imsouane bay. The wave here is long enough for beginners to drop their boards, but not so long that you’ll be wiped out.

La Source

If you are a new surfer and you are looking for a spot to practice your art, then La Source surf break is a must-visit. This spot is renowned for its small, consistent waves and it has a great beach break vibe. Located around 20 km outside of Agadir, La Source is a great choice for beginners to try Agadir surfing. It offers both sand and reef sections, and the waves are generally consistent. The beach is very clean and rarely crowded, so it’s great for learning how to surf.

Easy Surf Maroc

If you are a beginner, you can try surfing in Morocco’s coastal city of Agadir. The city has a handful of surf shops that cater to travelers. Further north, surfers can check out Taghazout, where the only shops are located on the coast. The Rip Curl Surf Shop is in the town center, and stocks paddle boards, SUP boards, foamies, boardshorts, surf swimwear, and accessories such as action cams, wax, leashes, and more.

Rip Curl

The surf in Agadir is nothing special. The waves are generally not that large, but they do have a decent beach break and right points off the harbor walls. The downside is the heavy industrial pollution, so you’ll need a good NW swell to make the waves worthwhile. In addition, the town is a tourist destination, with a kasbah and a wide array of hotel resorts. It’s definitely not a surfer’s city.

Hash Point

The Hash Point in Taghazout Bay is a well known surf spot. It got its name because people were so lazy to paddle out and catch waves. The spot used to be a perfect point break, but over the years it developed into a right hander that works best on medium to large swell. The point still offers fun waves for schools and beginners. However, it is much more challenging than most of the other spots in Agadir surfing.