Tamraght Morocco

The Best Beaches in Tamraght Morocco

Doors in Tamraght Morocco are often bright, but the majority are set in the old city walls. The city is the Imperial colour, with soft rose walls of red clay. Interestingly, this colour is not found in the rest of Morocco, but is considered a city’s official colour. It accompanies the doors with bright colours, giving the entire city a romantic and imperial atmosphere. Whether you prefer red or white, Tamraght has something for everyone.

Tamraght Morocco : Taghazout

North of Agadir, the fishing village of Taghazout, Tamraght Morocco, is known for its surf beaches. There’s Killer Point, with its powerful point breaks and barrel waves. In town, you’ll find palm-lined gorges and pools. The Tamraght River runs through the village, and you can swim in it. You can also visit the famous La Source, which is named after fresh water bubbling out of rocks.


If you’re looking for a beach destination that has a French Polynesia vibe, Imsouane is the place to go. This small village is renowned for its slow pace of life, where time seems to stand still. The town has everything you could want in a beach destination, including a stunning view of the ocean. There are plenty of activities to enjoy, including swimming and exploring the local markets.

Tamraght Morocco : Panorama

The Panorama of Tamraght in central Morocco tours is a reef and beach break with a moderately exposed profile. The water is generally clean and consistent during the winter months, but can be flat during the summer months. It receives a variety of swells, from both swells from the north and south to a mix of windswells. There are both right and left breaks. The Panoramas are relatively safe, but they can be crowded during high tides.

Banana beach

Surfing in Morocco’s south west can be a great way to spend the day in a beautiful location. Banana beach is a small fishing village about 12 km north of Agadir. This stretch of beach is known for its consistent waves, which are perfect for beginning surfers and experienced surfers alike. The surf breaks at Banana beach can be easily approached from the southern end of the beach by taking a drive to Devil’s Rock, the town’s main road.

Small shops

Most of the houses in Tamraght are pink and the town has two main streets. There are two mosques and all the necessary shops for tourists. Thus, Tamraght has friendly locals who speak French and English and will welcome travelers. Everything is within walking distance. From restaurants to surf spots, you’ll be able to find almost everything here. A 6km (4mi) coastal bike path connects the town with the nearby city of Taghazout.

Tamraght Morocco: Restaurants

The town of Tamraght is a charming, sleepy village between Aourir and Taghazout. Its quaint, sleepy vibe makes it a perfect spot for those looking to relax and experience Moroccan life. While Tamraght may not boast the same nightlife as its neighboring towns, there are plenty of options for those seeking a more authentic dining experience. The village is made up of two main streets, each encased by a mosque.

Tamraght Morocco: Accommodation

For budget-minded travelers, the best option in Tamraght is an apartment. Moreover, these accommodations are fully equipped with everything you need to make yourself comfortable. They are also the perfect solution for families and groups of friends. Prices for apartments in Tamraght Ouzdar start at $35. You can use our catalog to find different options according to price and availability. In addition, you can also use filters to narrow down the selection.

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