asni valley

Asni Valley

Asni Valley : The Road To Asni

A short distance down the road, you'll see some stunning scenery. The mule paths, the douars on the mountain, and the shepherds guiding their flocks on the hillside. After all, Taking this trip serves as a reminder of the arbitrary nature of time and space.

Located 47 kilometers from Marrakech , Asni valley is a Berber town. Toubkal's top may be seen from the little village, which sits at an altitude of 1150 m.

There's nothing magical about Asni Village, but the view from the top is amazing.

The tallest peaks in the Atlas may be seen from the Asni Valley. Moreover, you'll be awed by the natural splendor and purity. Endless variations in landscapes. The way of life of Berbers. And alpine settlements perched on the peaks. This concoction is a sanctuary of tranquility.

Asni Valley : The Weekly Market

Attending the weekly souk on Saturday morning is a delightful tradition in this part of the world. Because there will be a large number of tourist groups during the season, you should leave early.

Donkeys and mules are used to transport Berber families from the mountains down to the marketplace. While, living itself is an amazing adventure that one should not miss.

Ouirgane Valley

In the High Atlas mountains, Ouirgane is a beautiful village that's easy to get to. Also, located in the heart of Toubkal National Park, the Ouirgane Valley may be found 15 kilometers south of Asni. There are plenty exciting things to do in the Ouirgane Valley while you're there.

Imlil Valley

Imlil Valley, located 15 kilometers east of Asni, is a great place to relax in Morocco. While, it's a standout amongst the others. You'll be able to take in breathtaking scenery and meet the people in the process.

Asni Valley : Visit Moulay Brahim

Asni and Moulay Brahim have a special bond (less than 10km ). It's a popular destination for women. Indeed, according to folklore, tying a ribbon on a tree is a remedy for infertility. The pregnancy will occur within a year of the ribbon being removed.

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