The UNESCO-listed medina of Marrakech, like the other medinas in Morocco, is the city’s most historic and most popular quarter. There are multiple entrances to the “ochre” city through majestic walls that encircle it. The “ochre” city’s core is here. Almoravid dynasty’s Koutoubia mosque, erected in the southwest medina of Marrakesh near the Jemaa el-Fna, is just minutes away from the entrance. The La Giralda mosque in Seville was modeled after this well-known figure, which is surrounded by gardens. In its historic sections, you’ll discover bazaars and souks, as well as museums, Riads, and cafes where you may partake in the city’s unique offerings. At night, the Jamaâ El Fna square miraculously transforms into an open-air theatre, and all of these locations provide access to it.
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