Dakhla Morocco

Beautiful Dakhla Morocco – The Kitesurfing Capital 2023

Dakhla Morocco: Tourist attractions

Dakhla is known for its unique tourist assets. The city ranks in the world’s top ten spots for water sports, and its blend of desert and sea attracts thousands of motorhomes and other travellers each winter. This arid town is rapidly developing in terms of tourism, and the appearance of quality hotels and surf camps is contributing to its development. This region’s combination of sea and desert creates an amazing setting for a beach holiday.

Travel options

There are several ways to travel to Dakhla, including local planes, buses, and trains. You can also take a taxi. You can purchase tickets in advance for a cheaper price. Although you should avoid renting a car in Dakhla, it is an easy and quick way to get around. The city’s small airport has only one runway and is not particularly large. It is recommended that you book your hotel in advance.

Dakhla Morocco: Accommodations

While your flights and car rental may be taken care of, your accommodations will make a big difference in your trip’s enjoyment. While there are many options for accommodations in Dakhla Morocco, you should focus on a few key factors that will ensure your stay is pleasant and memorable. If you’re traveling with a group, you may want to consider booking connecting rooms. Hotwire is an excellent place to find last-minute deals.

Kitesurfing capital of Morocco

The kitesurfing capital of Morocco is Dakhla. This small city is located in the middle of the Sahara desert, 800 miles from Essaouira and 1,000 miles from Casablanca. The warm climate and calm waters make it a great place to learn to fly a kite, and there are numerous spots for all levels of experience. The city is also home to one of the largest lagoons in the world.


The city of Oualidia is known as the oyster capital of Morocco. Since the 1950s, oysters have been farmed here in the lagoon. Every year, the local economy receives about 24 tons of six-month-old juvenile oysters from France. During this half-year immersion period, the oysters are cleaned, sorted, and packaged into bags and racks. Once cleaned, oysters are shipped to markets around the world.

Dakhla Morocco: Spanish cathedral

The Cathedral of Dakhla is a Roman Catholic parish church and alternatively known as the Church of Dakhla, Villa Cisneros, or Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The town of Dakhla Morocco.