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Explore the Morocco Holiday Packages

Looking for a perfect getaway to discover the splendour of the country? Explore the history, culture and scenery of Morocco holiday packages. This country is filled with adventures ranging from camel treks through the desert to chasing waterfalls on a river. In addition, Moroccan beaches and coastal resorts offer a myriad of activities for thrill seekers. You can try rafting on the Ahansal River and enjoy the sun and surf. The weather in Morocco is mild and sunny most of the time. A Moroccan holiday package will deliver romance under the stars as well as a fix of the epic history.

Morocco Holiday Packages : Marrakesh

Travelling to Marrakesh in Morocco is a great way to experience the country’s ancient culture. The country’s unique blend of European and Arabic influences makes it a fantastic destination for a family holiday. Temperatures are as varied as its landscapes, ranging from 45degC during the summer to six degrees Celsius during the winter. For the best weather conditions, visit Morocco in July or September.


When you book a holiday to Morocco, you will certainly want to include Essaouira on the itinerary. This charming beach town on the Atlantic coast of the country is rich in culture, with a medina that dates back to the 18th century and a fortified town that is reminiscent of a medieval castle. It is also a hub for musicians and artists, and the town is a lively place for both. The Gnaoua Festival of World Music takes place in the last week of June each year, attracting up to four hundred thousand visitors.

Morocco Holiday Packages : Casablanca

A luxurious stay in Casablanca, Morocco, means a mix of beach days and enriching city adventures. The city boasts many cultural sights and cosmopolitan arts and entertainment venues, all of which add to its enchanting appeal. This Moroccan city also retains its French colonial history, and visitors will find that its old-world charm is still evident. A trip to Casablanca would also include a visit to the Hassan II Mosque, the city’s largest mosque, which features wood and marble interiors.


A trip to Meknes is the best way to discover this imperial city, which is part of the historical heritage of the country. This city was the capital of the Alawite Empire, and its impressive ruins and buildings make it a must-see in Morocco holiday packages. You can start your tour at the entrance of the old medina, Bab Mansour, with its marble pillars. Moulay Ismail built the Agdal reservoir nearby, and the former granary Heri es-Souani.

Merzouga village

A visit to Merzouga village in Morocco’s Sahara Desert is a great way to experience the desert’s wildlife. The town is located at the entrance to the desert and is an excellent place to try dune excursions such as riding camels through the dunes. Its rich Berber culture and countless desert experiences will be unforgettable. Here are some tips for visiting Merzouga.

Sahara desert

If you are looking for the ultimate getaway, why not go on a Sahara desert holiday package to Morocco? You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy dromedaries, dunes, and millions of stars in a beautiful desert setting. Enjoy a traditional Moroccan breakfast of fresh mint tea, then relax under the stars while listening to the sound of the local drums. Stay in traditional tents or choose from a variety of modern comforts.