things to do in morocco

Best Things to Do in Morocco 2023

Among the things to do in Morocco, Fes el Bali is the undisputed craft, religious capital of the country. Other top destinations include Casablanca, the beautiful seaside resort town of Agadir, and the iconic village of Chefchaouen in the Rif Mountains. Read on for some of our favorite things to do in Morocco. There are also many other fascinating cities to visit while you’re here.

Fes el Bali is the undisputed religious, cultural and craft center of Morocco

Things to Do in Morocco, a visit to of Fes. The city is renowned for its leather and metalwork. The Kairouine Mosque, the second largest mosque in North Africa, is located in Fes. The city was also the only place in the world where fez hats were manufactured until the late nineteenth century. The city’s old city is still a hub of craft activity, though it’s largely dependent on tourism.

Casablanca is one of the best places to visit in Morocco

Despite being the commercial hub of Morocco, Casablanca often falls behind its more popular neighbours Marrakech and Fes. Its art deco splendour is well known; in fact, you may have seen Rick’s Cafe from Humphrey Bogart’s classic film. While you’re in Casablanca, you can marvel at the glass-floored Hassan II mosque and the Abderrahman Slaoui Museum. If you’re pressed for time, there are also many other museums to peruse.

Agadir is a seaside resort town

Things to Do in Morocco: If you want to enjoy the sun, sea, and sand, you should visit Agadir, a seaside town in southern Morocco. It has a pristine beach with long break waves, but be aware of the undertow. Swimming in the ocean can be dangerous, so it’s better to head to a hotel pool instead. Agadir also has many children’s parks, including the Vallee des Oiseaux near the avenue du President Kennedy.

Chefchaouen is an iconic village in the Rif Mountains

While many Moroccan cities are frenetic and busy, the medina of Chefchaouen is serene and peaceful. Visitors can explore the medina’s diverse selection of crafts, local foods and artifacts. The quaint blue and white paint on the walls of the medina gives the place a serene atmosphere. Many artists, painters and craftspeople in the region also make a living, so it’s worth visiting and buying souvenirs from Morocco blue city.

Things to Do in Morocco: Todra Gorge is a great place for hiking

Todra Gorge is a limestone river canyon located in the Eastern High Atlas. You’ll be rewarded with spectacular views of the gorge and its surrounding mountains. The gorge is also a great place to practice rock climbing with over 150 well-marked routes. In fact, it’s considered one of the best places in the world for vertical scrambling. Hikers and nature lovers will love this destination.

The Sahara Desert is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure

Known as the ‘Greatest Desert in the World’, the Sahara is home to dunes of orange to pink sand. Unlike other deserts, this landscape knows no boundaries. Travelers to Morocco are warmly welcomed by the locals. Lack of rain is the cause of vanishing agriculture, but tourism provides a valuable source of income.

Moroccan mint tea is a must-try

Things to Do in Morocco: If you are planning to visit Morocco, one of the many things you must try is its famous mint tea. Moroccans drink it with a twist. Instead of pouring hot water, they hold the teapot high and pour the tea over the leaves. Then they stir the tea and pour it back into the pot. Repeat this process three times. The tea should overflow the glass. Enjoy! 🙂 But before you try Moroccan mint tea, read the instructions below.

Rabat is the capital of Morocco

One of the best Things to Do in Morocco, is a trip to Rabat the capital of Morocco is not complete without exploring the city’s old centre. The Old Medina is a bustling place, filled with people and activity, but it is easy to find your way around. Many people have come here to enjoy the food and visit the city’s many museums and galleries. In addition, you can learn about the culture of the country’s ancestral tribes. Rabat’s museum is a must-see, as are the many ruins and monuments that surround it.