Which Cities to Visit in Morocco

Which Cities to Visit in Morocco – Best list 2023

If you’re looking for inspiration on which cities to visit in Morocco, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll learn more about Tangier, Essaouira, Marrakesh, and Meknes, as well as the best things to do and see in each. Whether you’re visiting Morocco for the first time or re-visiting the country after a long absence, there’s a city to fit your needs!


Marrakech, is one of the most popular tourist destinations, but Tangier is a more authentic and modern Moroccan city just a few miles from Europe. While Marrakech is more mercantile and inland, Tangier is a coastal oasis with great beaches, a good nightlife, and plenty of shopping. The city is less crowded than Marrakech, and some travelers like its laid-back vibe.

Which Cities to Visit in Morocco: The city has been a magnet for artists, writers, and rock stars for centuries. It’s only 20 miles from Spain and offers a wonderful Mediterranean coastline. It is a cultural melting pot with African, Spanish, and Portuguese influences. While it has a rich history, Tangier is a great destination for travelers of all ages. There’s something for everyone in this city! You can explore the city’s past or take part in its vibrant present.

In addition to the medina, Tangier also has a modern quarter, which was built during the Protectorate. You’ll find the Place de France and the tree-lined Boulevard Pasteur. The latter features a large number of cafes and restaurants. You’ll also find banks, travel agencies, and cafes along the boulevard. Along the boulevard, you’ll find a beautiful view of the harbour. The terrace at the end of Boulevard Pasteur is a popular meeting place for tourists.


There are many things to see and do in Essaouira, and you’ll want to spend at least a few days here. The city is known for its ruins, and you can explore them as well as the nearby hammams. For the history buff, you can visit the Moulay Idriss pilgrim town, which dates back to the 9th century. In the city, you’ll also want to visit the Dar Jamai Museum, which will teach you more about the architecture of the region.

If you are a water sports enthusiast, Essaouira’s beach is perfect for you. The warm, shallow water makes for a great spot for families with young children to play on. You can also go surfing, build a sand castle, or take part in a picnic on the beach. Moroccans don’t usually go into the water in the winter, but it’s warm enough that you can enjoy a day in the water and get wet.

Which Cities to Visit in Morocco: As an added bonus, you can visit the museum of the city’s founder, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah. Housed in an old riad, this museum displays many historical artefacts and Berber culture. It’s well worth a visit. The town also hosts several films, including the popular Game of Thrones. If you are a movie buff, you can even rent a car there!

Which Cities to Visit in Morocco: Marrakesh

If you are traveling in the region of tajmat, tajmel and souks, you must not miss the Koutoubia mosque. Located only 200 meters from the heart of Marrakesh, this mosque’s minaret can be admired from just about anywhere. The interior of the mosque is impressive, and it is open to non-Muslims. Its architecture is beautiful and it serves as an important spiritual center.

Which Cities to Visit in Morocco: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Moroccan capital is framed by the fortifications of the 18th century, which protect this important trade center. Aside from the UNESCO World Heritage Site designation, visitors can see the colourful and charismatic Medina. You can also visit the infamous Kasbah, which boasts the country’s only cylindrical minaret. While you’re there, you can indulge in a few water sports like rafting and paragliding.

If you’re a collector, you can browse the market in the medina of Marrakesh. You’ll find a range of unique pieces of art here. The MMP+, abbreviated as “Muslim Museum Plus,” is the best place to buy some authentic Moroccan souvenirs. The museum’s stalls also display some of the best work of local artists, including paintings and sculptures.


Which Cities to Visit in Morocco: You may be wondering when the best time to visit Meknes, Morocco. The best time to visit Meknes is during the spring, fall, or early April. These are the best months for sightseeing and enjoying the outdoor cafes. You can also visit Meknes during the winter, but these days, there are few snowfalls in the country. Whether you plan to visit in spring or fall, you’ll find a variety of activities to keep you busy during your stay.

Because Meknes is so centrally located, it’s easy to get around. You can use public transportation to explore the surrounding cities, such as Fes, by train. In addition to that, buses and trains provide easy access to Meknes. Whether you want to stay in the old town, see the ancient medina, or experience the lively nightlife, there’s something for everyone in Meknes.

Meknes is also famous for its beautiful gates. There are some huge gates that can be found in the medina, but the most impressive is Bab Mansour, located in Hedim square. It is regarded as the most beautiful gate in all of Morocco, with its tall columns, ancient arches, and turquoise tiles. The gate was built to honor sultan Moulay Ismail.


If you are looking for a postcard-worthy town, head to Chefchaouen, Morocco. Founded in 1471, this walled city was constructed as a defensive fort against the Portuguese. In medieval times, many Jews settled in the town. After being conquered by the Spanish in the early twentieth century, Chefchaouen was returned to Moroccan control. The town is small, but it is growing in popularity.

The souks in Chefchaouen are not as big as those in other Moroccan cities, but you can find traditional wares at many of the shops. Local artisans produce wool garments and woven baskets that are perfect souvenirs. You can also buy brightly-colored paint powders, which look particularly lovely against the blue walls. Be sure to sample local goats cheese and other delicacies while you’re here.

Which Cities to Visit in Morocco: While in Chefchaouen, take the time to admire the colorful buildings. The buildings are painted in various shades of blue. Historically, the color blue was used to symbolize the sky and the presence of God. The Sephardic Jewish community who fled the Nazi invasion brought the tradition with them. Over time, the city became known as the blue city of Morocco, and locals still paint their buildings blue to ward off mosquitoes and malaria.

Which Cities to Visit in Morocco: Fes el-Bali

If you are looking for a fascinating cultural experience, Fes el-Bali is a great place to start. This medina dates back to the Idrisid Dynasty, and was the capital of Morocco from 789 to 808. You can stroll through its medina and marvel at its intricate architecture. The medina is one of the best preserved in the Arab world, with thousands of nooks and crannies. It’s also home to the oldest mosque in the Arab world, the Aben-Danan Synagogue, and some of the city’s best restaurants.

You can also visit the University of Al-Karaouine, known as the university of the people, in Fes. This university is the world’s oldest continuously-operating university, and was founded by the Muslim scholar Fatima al-Fihri in 859. The university joined the Moroccan state university system in 1963. Fes has one of the most vibrant and colorful medinas in the country, making it one of the cities to visit in Morocco.

Which Cities to Visit in Morocco: When visiting Fes, you will most likely be taken to the gates of the Royal Palace, which is still in use by the king of Morocco. You will find many photos of tourists in front of the gates of the Royal Palace, which is called the Bab Bou Jeloud. The Blue Gate is also a famous landmark, and the gates of the Royal Palace are easily visible from the outside.

Which Cities to Visit in Morocco: Meknes el-Jdid

The city of Meknes is home to the Imperial City and the Old Medina. The city itself is fairly small and has fewer foreign visitors than Fez. Meknes is best explored on foot and is surrounded by imposing city walls. Once you’ve figured out which gates lead to which areas, you can explore the medina by foot. The city is also accessible by taxi or petits tajins, which you can hire at the airport. Local buses are also available but they can be crowded.

Volubilis is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is approximately 40 minutes from Meknes. Built in the third century BC, this city served as the western edge of the Roman Empire. It features detailed mosaics and a mausoleum. Aside from this, you’ll find furniture and ancient ruins that date back to ancient times. In addition, you can tour the ancient city walls and visit the Royal Mosque.

Which Cities to Visit in Morocco: Meknes el-Jdid offers a dazzling array of attractions and activities. If you’re a fan of shopping, you’ll find plenty to keep you busy along the Grande Rue de Fes el-Jdid, which runs from north to south. You can also explore the beautiful gardens of Jnan Sbil, which have shaded pathways and fountains. There are also bird coops inhabited by peacocks and macaques.